Title Holder Brews

Part of being in a community is giving back, that is our philosophy here at BDSM Brewing Company.  That is why Brew Master Billy offers to donate up to two barrels of specialty beer to any Oregon or Vancouver, Washington title holder to use in any fund raising capacity that they need.

Title holder beers are much more than just another beer.  They are brewed custom for our title holders, to their specifications, and we like to think they speak to the raw essence of the title holder they represent.  These are limited brews with small batch sizes, once they are gone they are gone, so make sure that if you want one you show up at whatever event they are being offered at.

Title Holder Brews
Tobinator Lager Tobin Britton (Ms. OSL 2011) 11.0 2014
Petal's Puddle Petal Puddle (Ms. OSL 2015) 6.2 2015
Rebel Stout Micky Rebel (OSBB 2015) and Lucky Rebel (Mr. OSL 2017) 8.5 2016
Bear Bottom Brown Oregon Bears Campout Brew 5.5 2015
Choco Bear Cream Stout Jay Mee (Mr. Oregon Bear 2013) ?? Coming Soon